Summer Learning and Enrichment

Dear Bronx Math Prep Students:

Congratulations on completing this school year. A year you will remember forever. You have faced many challenges and are ready to start your summer vacation. Reading regularly – and reflecting on your reading is so important for improving your reading, writing, vocabulary, thinking, and math skills. Athletes know that once their season is over they have to keep training and developing their muscles. More than ever you need to keep up the progress you made this year making sure your learning muscles are kept in shape. We know that reading everyday is one of the best ways to make sure you will be ready for the new school year!

The attached summer learning calendar has wonderful activities that we expect you to do over the summer months. Achieving your summer goals will be very important. It is expected that you submit the summer project to your ELA teacher at the start of school in September.

Our best wishes for a happy, and healthy summer.

DR. Rozier, Principal

Paulette Christie, Assistant Principal

Gary Ford, Assistant Principal

Dear Students,

Please use the site below to take additional trips in addition to those that are on your calendar. You will copy the link and paste it into your browser page. You will then see a list of trips listed in alphabetical order for you to choose from. Those on your calendar are already linked so all you have to do is click on the trip!

We hope you visit all of them! Happy travelling!

Instructions - Please Read


On Mondays: Students will choose 1 Current Event article to read based on their reading level and complete the multiple choice questions → Current Events MyOn


  • USERNAME: OSIS NUMBER (9Digit # EX: 225677889)


    • EX: 1DR

Math & Science:

    • For all MATH and SCIENCE links, click the words in blue to access the website.

    • For all Virtual Trips complete the reflection form using the link below

Summer Event Calendar July
Summer Event Calendar August