The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School

456 White Plains Road 4th Floor Bronx, NY 10473 | Phone: (718) 542-5063 | Fax: (718) 542-5236

The mission of The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School is to improve the learning outcomes for all students, a belief in themselves and the ability to pursue their dreams with integrity and confidence.

To provide a safe and caring environment that offers the highest quality middle school educational experience for all students attending

School Hours

8:20 am - 2:40 pm Mondays only; 3:55 pm Tuesday - Friday

*Tuesday 2:40pm - 3:50pm OPN/Parent Engagement


Starting in January The Bronx Mathematics Enrichment Program will be taking place over the course of 18 sessions. Each day the students will receive academic enrichment in English Language Art and Mathematics that will help them prepare for the state exams they will take in March and April of this school year.

Saturday, April 6th - Enrichment Program

Saturday, April 13th - Enrichment Program

Tuesday, April 16th - Family Science Night

Tuesday, April 23rd - Enrichment Program

Wednesday, April 24th - Enrichment Program

Thursday, April 25th - Enrichment Program

April 19-26 Spring Recess (schools closed)

ID Cards

Every student now have an ID card which accounts for their attendance and other activities within the school. If you lose your ID card, you must pay $2 for a replacement. Please have your ID card with you every day!