Student Life


School Conduct

All students at The Bronx Math Prep School are expected to show the highest standard of behavior in school. When in the hallway or stairwell, students will transition between classes quickly and will be quiet and respectful at all times. Also, remember, you are a representative of our school at all times, even when you are outside of the school building.


The Bronx Math Prep School is a uniform school. Students are expected to be dressed in the school uniform every day. If you come to school dressed inappropriately, your parent/guardian will be called to come and bring appropriate clothing or pick you up.

Portable Electronic Devices

Portable electronic devices including cell phones, game systems, and ipods/mp3 players are only allowed for use during lunch. Phones are not allowed to be used in class and must be turned off and put away. If students are seen with any electronic device during class or in the hallway it will be taken away and given to an administrator. The student’s parent/guardian will be required to come to the school to pick up the item(s) and/or meet with the principal.  *If your guardian needs to contact you during the school day they MUST call the school office at: 718-542-5063. If you need to contact your guardian you MUST use the phone in the main office.